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Agent Interview: TIna Wexler on TAGGED

Today, in our continuing coverage of the launch of Mara Purnhagen's TAGGED, we have her interview with her agent, Tina Wexler of International Creative Management (ICM).

MP: Can you tell me what first drew you to the manuscript for Tagged?  


TW: First off, you wrote a great query. I loved the premise--the blend of mystery, art, and high school drama--and I knew that any author who led with talk of school-invading primates had a sense of humor that would pair well with mine. I took the pages with me on vacation. (Always a good test: can you hold my attention when I could be doing nothing? Ah, doing nothing…

 I read the manuscript in one sitting, while on the beach (slathered in sunblock, mind you) in Rockport, MA. Neither surf nor seagull could distract me. Kate's voice just pulled me in and wouldn't let go.



MP: Tagged is a contemporary YA novel. Where do you see the market right now for this genre?


TW: The market for contemporary YA is strong and I think it will remain so.  Certain trends seemed to have played themselves out--it seems we're moving away from the glossier YA that was popular a few years ago, and the so-called "problem novel" hasn't been popular since the 80s--but teens still want stories that reflect their lives, their issues, their fears, their hopes, their loves. I don't know that that will ever change.



MP: Are you accepting queries right now, and if so, what are you looking for specifically and how can writers contact you?


TW: I am accepting queries, so if anyone's visited ICM's website and read that we won't read unsolicited materials, consider yourself solicited. (Wait. That didn't come out right AT ALL. Um.)  I'm looking for middle grade and YA. I love characters who will make me laugh and stories that will make me cry. I'm not looking for high fantasy or general non-fiction, though I would love a YA memoir. I'm a big fan of novels-in-verse, adventure stories, mysteries, contemporary sci-fi, paranormal, tall tales... and can be reached at twexler[at]icmtalent[dot]com or at Tina Wexler, ICM, 825 8th Avenue, New York, NY 10019.

And don't forget to enter here by Friday for a chance to win a signed copy of TAGGED.!


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Mar. 3rd, 2010 05:20 pm (UTC)
I had the opportunity to meet Tina in LA last year, and I'm thrilled to hear she's your agent, Mara. Thanks for the interview, both of you (and I can't wait for TAGGED!)
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