December 15th, 2009

Grad Party Giveaway - The Final Week!

ETA: This giveaway is now closed, and the winners are being contacted. Thanks for participating, and tune in on Tuesday to find out the winners. It’s the Final Week to Celebrate the Graduation of the Class of 2K9! (And the final chance for you to win one of their great books in the 2K10 giveaway!) But first, the winners of last week's contest! Operation Redwood by S. Terrell French - Jessica Launius Road to Tater Hill by Edith M. Hemingway - Yael Miriams Freaked by J.T. Dutton - Marjolein Balm Haven by Beverly Patt - Larissa Hardesty My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter - Tammi Sauer When the Whistle Blows by  Fran Cannon Slayton - Cindy Chan Breathing by Cheryl Renée Herbsman - Stacey Canova The Class of 2K10 is proud to congratulate the Class of 2K9 as they approach the end of their launch year. Please help us celebrate the wonderful success they have had with their debut novels by posting a comment. Share your thoughts about why the book sounds like one you will enjoy, or if you’ve already read one, tell us which characters you loved or how the book made a difference in your life. Contest Rules: For a chance to win one of the featured books, post a comment at the end of this entry (please include an email address so we can contact you for a mailing address, or check back next week for winners). To enter multiple times, simply tweet, blog, or Facebook about this post, and include a link in your comment. Winners will be chosen at random. You must be at least 13 to enter. The contest will be open until midnight Saturday. Winners will be announced one week from today. Now here's the list of books you can win this week... WATERSMEET by Ellen Jensen Abbott Fourteen-year-old Abisina flees the prejudice and hate of her village and heads north in search of her father, accompanied by the dwarf, Haret. On their journey they face mythic creatures, benevolent spirits, challenges to their survival, their own prejudices, and dreams that look like nightmares. Ellen Jensen Abbott is most likely to . . . have lots and lots of non-human friends! And they will be complex and beautifully-described and have a great impact on how she views the world. What the Class of 2K10 learned from Ellen Jensen Abbott . . . That it’s easy to get trapped in prejudices but worth the struggle to leave them behind. Find Ellen Jensen Abbott here: or here Class of 2k9.
SHRINKING VIOLET by Danielle Joseph Painfully shy high school senior, Tere Adams, must learn to come out of from behind her mask and face the bullies in her life in order to reach her dream of becoming a radio DJ. Danielle Joseph is most likely to . . . find her voice. Danielle's book, SHRINKING VIOLET, not only celebrates “finding your voice,” it’s funny and romantic as well! What the Class of 2K10 learned from Danielle Joseph . . . That when we trust ourselves, marvelous things can happen. Find Danielle Joseph here:   or here:  Class of 2k9.
CRASH INTO ME by Albert Borris Four troubled teens embark on a road trip to visit the graves of celebrity suicides prior to their own planned demise in Death Valley. Albert Borris is most likely to . . . save a suffering teen. He speaks their language, from his heart. What the Class of 2K10 learned from Albert Borris . . . When you see someone suffering in isolation, reach out. Find Albert Borris here: or here: Class of 2k9.
INITIATION by Susan Fine What comes from going to high school with eight hundred blue-blazered boys? That’s what freshman Mauricio Londoño discovers, along with a few things about Macbeth and geometry, during his first long year at the St. Stephen’s School for Boys in New York City. Susan Fine is most likely to . . . Correct our grammar. Susan is a former English teacher and prides herself in being able to spot an I/me error a mile away! What the Class of 2K10 learned from Susan Fine . . . Sometimes being rich and “having it all” is not all it's cracked up to be. Find Susan Fine here: Class of 2k9.
GIVE UP THE GHOST by Megan Crewe A teen outcast who sees ghosts and uses the secrets they dig up to expose her fellow students’ deceits must choose between revenge and compassion when the popular student council V.P. comes to her for supernatural help. Megan Crewe is most likely to . . . hear messages from the beyond. She has an uncanny ability to communicate. What the Class of 2K10 learned from Megan Crewe . . . Listen to your friends, even if you can’t see them. Find Megan Crewe here: or here: Class of 2k9.
MY INVENTED LIFE by Lauren Bjorkman A modern-day quasi-Shakespearean comedy about rivalry, deceit, and sisterly devotion, cast with characters of ambiguous sexuality. Lauren Bjorkman is most likely to . . . get an international passport. As a child she sailed around the world with her family, stopping in ports most people only dream of. What the Class of 2K10 learned from Lauren Bjorkman . . . Be who you want, not who you think others want you to be; they may actually want you to be exactly who you are. Find Lauren Bjorkman here: or here: Class of 2k9. NOTHING LIKE YOU by Lauren Strasnick A seventeen-year-old grieving the loss of her Mom can’t let go of a one-night stand. Lauren Strasnick is most likely to . . . sing a Neil Diamond song at a karaoke bar. The original title for “Nothing Like You” was “Holly Holy,” a Neil Diamond tune. What the Class of 2K10 learned from Lauren Strasnick . . . Inspiration can come from many places, including tunes. The Billy Joel song “Vienna” helped her shape the character of Holly. Find Lauren Strasnick here: or here: Class of 2k9.
 DREAMING ANASTASIA by Joy Preble Sixteen-year-old Anne’s line of descent becomes her destiny as she joins forces with mysterious Ethan to save Anastasia Romanov from the legendary Russian witch Baba Yaga. Joy Preble is most likely to . . . know all the lyrics to Rasputin by Boney M (a standard at weddings!). Hey, she’s got a crazy Russian grandmother (her words, not ours) and her fantastical young adult novel, DREAMING ANASTASIA, stars a certain Russian princess thought dead long ago – she’s gotta know that song! What the Class of 2K10 learned from Joy Preble . . . That dreams really do come true. Find Joy Preble here: or here: Class of 2k9. Don't forget to leave a comment and spread the word for extra entries. Good luck!