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Agent Perspectives: Alyssa Eisner Henkin

Congratulations to Alyssa Eisner Henkin of Trident Media Group and her client, Kristina McBride, whose debut book, THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES comes out next week.

Alyssa, can you tell me what first drew you to the manuscript of THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES?

Back then the manuscript was called BURIED and I remember reading it in bed at home, and not wanting to put it down. I said to my husband, “This is really good.” I think specifically it was Kristina’s really unique and illuminated descriptions of nature and setting that first drew me. And then once I was hooked on that I was drawn in by the multi-dimensionality of the characters, and the tension between these two once best friends.

THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES is YA contemporary/psychological thriller. Where do you see the market right now for this genre?

I think as evidenced by books like Thirteen Reasons Why, Living Dead Girl, and the film release of The Lovely Bones this Christmas there’s definitely a YA appetite these days both for darker themes, and the hopefulness that can ultimately prevail in the aftermath of storms. THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES also has a great romance and a girl coming of age angle that I think will strongly appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen, which seems to be perennially popular in the YA market. All of this coupled with the Jaycee Dugard abduction story that broke this past summer makes the novel especially timely for May, 2010 publication.

Are you accepting queries right now, and if so, what are you looking for specifically and how can writers contact you?

I am accepting new queries primarily for YA and MG novels. I am also looking to take on a very select number of new and returning author/illustrators with picture book dummies, as well as picture book manuscripts by previously published authors only. Above all, I’m most drawn to novel manuscripts with strong senses of place and regional flavors. I value strong writing, but my taste is not partial to the purely voice-driven story. I’m primarily looking for plot-driven and commercial books, be they YA romance, paranormal other than vampires, road trips, adventures, mysteries, or girl-oriented tween fiction that moms can appreciate, too.

Learn more about Alyssa Eisner Henkin and her submission guidelines here:

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